Vast: The Crystal Caverns - Second Printing with Miniatures

Created by Patrick Leder

Help us print the second run of Vast: The Crystal Caverns.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Miniatures #2: The Roles
about 2 years ago – Wed, May 03, 2017 at 10:06:54 PM

Here is a peek at the miniatures for the roles.




The awake Dragon will have 2 horns. This photo is a bit older.


The Addon minis are being worked on. I will post them soon.

We are looking into colored plastics and make a decision after we see the cost.

Just a reminder that images here don't mean the miniatures suddenly materlized in the warehouse. They will be available when they ship in August. I will keep you updated if the timeline slips at all.

IF YOU NEED ANY HELP AT ALL with address changes, cancellations, missing parts, missing items please contact If you contact me here I am literally just going to send you there. Please be patient I am currently a 2.5 person operation and one of those people just draws pretty pictures all day.

Miniatures Addendum: Objects
about 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 21, 2017 at 01:00:38 AM

 Hey folks, Patrick Fahy made these videos for you to see the miniatures being designed. I am working may way through the replacement queue and I am bringing in help to tackle it this weekend. Caryl is working through the email queue also. Thanks for your patience!









Miniatures #1: The Objects
about 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 14, 2017 at 01:12:40 AM

Patrick Fahy has stepped in and helped out the project by building all of the objects. Here are renderings of the objects in the game. We are starting to work with the factory on these. Of course some of these might change as we encounter the limitations of working with plastic, but this isn't Patrick's first rodeo so I am confident we will find a solution.

Claw Dragon Gem

Flame Dragon Gem

Wing Dragon Gem

 Rock Slide

Current Player Marker ( I keep writing first player marker good grief!)






 I will publish the characters tomorrow if I can. Chad, Kyle, and I are wrapping up the Knight which you can see on my Twitter account. The Goblins, Dragon, and Thief pieces are ready, we are starting the addons soon.

Other News

Also Kyle completed this piece of art for the bonus cards which I am pretty delighted with.

  About one quarter of the replacement parts have been packed. I was waiting for the factory to send 50 sets of Wood. 11,000 more games are in production and the translations are being or waiting to be laid out.

I am hiring an operations coordinator, so we can expedite some of these things and I can shift my focus to development. You can check it out here if you are interested.

Alright I'm off to bed. Good night!

Shipping Update
about 2 years ago – Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 12:10:17 AM

Please read the following to see what has been fulfilled and what our timelines are for the rest of the year. If you still have any questions or need an update to your specific situation, email us at

Vast Base Game - English

US - Majority of pledges have shipped from Atlas. We’re still rounding up late surveys and will forward them to Atlas to ship soon. If you pre-ordered on backerkit after March 1st, fulfillment will be during the third printing (estimated around Summer)

Canada - Majority of pledges have shipped from GamesQuest in the UK. Unfortunately, they are not using a tracked service so tracking info is not being sent out. Originally tracking was going to be sent since the original plan was for me to ship them from within Canada but so that Canadians didn’t have to wait an extra week to receive their games, we chose to ship them from our leftover stock in the UK. Apology/thank you notes were sent separately via lettermail and should all be in the mail as of today.

Australia - Good Games has already received all surveys, including late surveys, and should be finished shipping.

EU/Rest of the World - Gamesquest has finished the majority of fulfillment already and we’re still working on missing or late surveys. GQ has run low on quantities and any that they can’t fulfill, we’ll fulfill from the US or Australia.

Upgrade Kits/Add-ons/Minis/Promo Cards - English

We’re still on track for around a July/August fulfillment for these and will provide an update of how the minis are looking like soon.

Upgrade Kits originally intended to ship in the same wave as the base game but chose to delay its release due to some issues with the factory and the quality not being up to par. To ensure its quality meets our standard, we are reprinting them for release with the add-ons and minis.

Other Languages

We’re just about finishing up translations on Spanish, German and French and we’re looking like around an August fulfillment for the base game.

Translated add-ons will need more time since we have only finishing translation for the base game only so far, and are looking at an estimate of fulfilling add-ons around October this year.

We will post the translations for review before we go to the printer. We’ll update once we’re at that point.



Missing Pieces/Damaged Packages
about 2 years ago – Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 01:11:09 AM

Sending me a comment, KS message or Facebook post does us no good. If you need support with your game please contact me through my website or email As a consumer managing a message on Kickstarter is easy, but when you are getting 20-25 (sometimes 100+) a week it becomes a nightmare to track who has received what, particularly once the message is beyond the bottom of the page.

For US backers I am returning to Atlas this week to begin shipping replacement parts as well as replaced games. Their logistics staff has been on vacation, sorry for the wait.

If you have previously contacted us through that channel you do not need to contact us again, we have documented what you need.

Now I am heading back to my birthday party.


Patrick Leder