Vast: The Crystal Caverns - Second Printing with Miniatures

Created by Patrick Leder

Vast: The Crystal Caverns - Second Printing with Miniatures
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Vast: The Crystal Caverns takes you and your friends into the torchlight of a classic cave-crawling adventure, built on the concept of total asymmetry. Gone are days of the merry band of travelers fighting off evil. In Vast, you will become part of a new legend... Any part you wish!   



Play as the daring Knight, the chaotic Goblin horde, the greedy Dragon, the cunning Thief, or even the Cave itself — powerful, brooding, and intent on crushing the living things that dare to disturb its gloomy depths. Each role has its own powers, pieces, and paths to victory … and there can only be one winner.


The Knight must kill the Dragon. The Knight gains power by completing Sidequests and recovering lost Treasures. She can reset her abilities each turn.

The Goblins must kill the Knight. The Goblins builds three Tribes by playing a push-your-luck game. Then they move around the board trying to corner the Knight.

The Dragon must wake up and escape through the entrance. The Dragon starts out slow but wakes up as he steals Treasures, devours Goblins, and explores the Cave. He does this by playing cards to fuel various powers.

The Cave must fully expand and then collapse. The Cave does this by gaining Omens, placing Treasures to lure the other players into its depths, and placing tiles.

The Thief must steal treasures to buy his freedom. The Thief uses stealth and actions to take Treasures from the other players and the Cave. As he does this he must get them back to the entrance.

With a Cave constructed of tiles, and decks full of monsters, special abilities, and game-changing events, no two playthroughs will ever be the same. Vast is truly unlike any game you’ve ever played. 







The Ghost

The spirit of a long-lost adventurer, cursed to haunt the Cave for eternity. Her only hope of finding peace is to collect the few lasting remnants of her mortal life scattered throughout the Cave, and draw enough strength from them to finally escape the curse.

The Ghost is an advanced role that works with any combinations of players and roles, or allows you to play with up to six players at once. She travels slowly through the Cave, but has telekinetic powers that allow her to manipulate other objects from a distance, and she can even temporarily possess other players to force them to do her bidding.

Moving Entrance

This stretch goal adds a miniature for the entrance to the set of miniatures. You can place this miniature on top of the Entrance tile to show its location clearly. The miniature will also come with a new rules variant, in which the Entrance tile can be destroyed like any other tile, making it move to a new place. 

The Ghoul

Corrupted by the Cave’s power and the last remnants of its humanity long gone, the Ghoul lives only to hunt. It relentlessly stalks and terrorizes the other roles, growing stronger with each battle.

The Ghoul is an additional player role that can be used with any combination of player number and roles.

Treasure Chest Miniatures

This stretch goal adds 12 Treasure Chest miniatures to the set of miniatures.

Bonus Cards

This stretch goal adds 6 bonus cards to the game for all pledge levels.

These cards will not be exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign. They will include the Treasure Trove and Silver Gauntlet promo cards. I will add a funding level for people who just want the cards and the ability to purchase addons.

Crystal Miniatures

This stretch goal adds 9 Crystal miniatures to the set of miniatures.

Nightmare Unicorn

The Nightmare Unicorn will run around the board attacking and teleporting until it brings the Cave down on you. Stop it while you can.

Though the Nightmare Unicorn was designed just for solo play, we are trying to adapt it so it can be played instead of the Dragon or automated with a mix of other roles.

This stretch goal also unlocks the option to pledge for a $30 bundle of all three role addons.



Latest Updates from Our Project:

Missing Pieces/Damaged Packages
3 days ago – Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 01:11:09 AM

Sending me a comment, KS message or Facebook post does us no good. If you need support with your game please contact me through my website or email As a consumer managing a message on Kickstarter is easy, but when you are getting 20-25 (sometimes 100+) a week it becomes a nightmare to track who has received what, particularly once the message is beyond the bottom of the page.

For US backers I am returning to Atlas this week to begin shipping replacement parts as well as replaced games. Their logistics staff has been on vacation, sorry for the wait.

If you have previously contacted us through that channel you do not need to contact us again, we have documented what you need.

Now I am heading back to my birthday party.


Patrick Leder

EU/Worldwide delivery
3 days ago – Sun, Mar 26, 2017 at 01:10:53 AM

The games arrived on March 20th at Gamequest. They told me they were working on delivery Thursday and Friday (March 23-24) this week and the coming week.

This is for everyone on the planet not in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States.

I am getting more information on how they will deliver tracking information.

Thank you,

Patrick Leder

Canadian Update
6 days ago – Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 09:38:50 PM

Hi everyone!

We just wanted to give a formal update on what's been happening with Canadian fulfillment and we've been doing our best to get to all messages and comments regarding that.

Unfortunately, we're looking at Canadian fulfillment not starting for at least another week or two. The reason for the delay being that some correspondences on what quantities should go where were miscommunicated and also had inaccurate numbers to cover what we needed to cover kickstarter backers. Right now to solve the problem, we're sending quantities from the US to myself in Canada to fulfill and once received, should only take a day or two to pack and send all Canadian orders from Toronto (and yes, tracking will be emailed :) )

We gave distributors a streetdate months ago before they could start selling their quantities, thinking fulfillment would've been done way before that point, but despite us trying to make sure backers were fulfilled first, fulfillment is starting much much later than we hoped--and I'll personally take that blame for that happening.

We completely understand the frustration this causes and we recognize that without the support of backers, there would be no Vast. So to compensate Canadians waiting just a tad longer before they receive their base games, we're adding a little something extra in your boxes just for Canadians as well as personalized apology and thank you notes to each one of you.

Thanks again for the support and we're truly sorry for the wait. Rest assured, we're already taking preventative measures to prevent anything similar from happening when the add-ons, minis and upgrades fulfill in the summer.

As usual, please forward any concerns or questions to



Mid Shipping Update
23 days ago – Sun, Mar 05, 2017 at 11:29:23 PM

Customer Service - If you need help please contact or use the contact form on our website. Contacting me on here, Facebook, Twitter, or my own email address creates a trail of activity I can’t possibly follow up on. In addition Caryl will help you instead of me which is far more pleasant for you.

Here is your update about shipping! Bear in mind this is only for the core game, the addons and miniatures will start production soon. All times subject to change.

Printing - Everything going out is the second printing. No first printing is going out. All backerkit and paypal orders are being honored at this time also.  

Australia - Your games have arrived and they should be getting packed. I haven’t seen a timeline for when they will go out but usually when they are quiet they are working.

US - The games arrived at the Atlas Games warehouse on March 3rd. Atlas Staff and I have been packing since Friday afternoon. You can see much of this on my Twitter feed if you are interested. The Post Office is scheduled to pick up the games on March 8th. They are all 2 day but we think Wednesday will not count. Some lucky people might get their game on March 10 or March 11, but I am guessing the rest will be early in the following week.  

Canada - I haven’t seen dates yet. The shipment is going to a distributor and then to our very own Caryl Tan, who will ship them to individuals.

EU - The games will get their fulfillment center on 3/15. They will start shipping after that. I will speak with them about a timeline in the coming week.

Paypal - All of your orders have been combined with this shipment You will be getting the second printing. 

Backer kit - All of your orders have been combined with this shipment too. You will be getting the second printing.

PAX EAST - Come see me (and Kyle Ferrin) at PAX East. Play the Addon characters and give me your feedback! Woo! Also see the panel I am in and take me to see MC Frontalot.

SXSW -  Come see and vote for Vast in the Gamer’s Voice - multiplayer category. I will try to give demos also. I will be presenting about Vast for 15 minutes also from the show area.

Deep - We will have demo copies of Deep at PAX East and SXSW. You can see discussion about it here and I have revealed some art on my Twitter. 

Special thanks to Atlas games for helping us with this shipment.

Thanks everyone! I am going back into the warehouse to pack some boxes.

Patrick Leder

US Backers: Backerkit Survey Deadline March 2nd @ 11:59PM Eastern
27 days ago – Wed, Mar 01, 2017 at 11:09:55 PM

Hi Everyone!

We're getting very close to fulfilling the first wave of the US Vast pledges (consisting of the second printing base game ONLY) and will be locking down backerkit surveys and charging cards very soon. Please have your surveys ready by March 2nd 11:59PM Eastern Time. If you have not completed your surveys yet, please do so ASAP, otherwise your kickstarter pledge will ship late. 

We'll be confirming individually with backers who pledged for more than 2 copies of the base game to confirm quantities soon.

Thanks so much and please don't hesitate if there are any questions! 

**Please email us at rather than messaging us on kickstarter as the kickstarter messages aren't monitored as much as our email inbox**